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Thursday, December 10, 2009

HI everyone!! finally i update....hehe waited for so long rite...i was being pestered then post this post one..and nothing to blog. =) so bye

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

YO EVERYBODY!!!!!!sorry long time no post ....cos very lazy mah..only bother to play games and never bother to come here and post anything..sorryXD=) yesterday and today so tiring sia...yesterday, after school we help mr woo to carry his things down to the new table..the table was very new, and bigger then the previous one...when we went into the staff room and want to help to carry the things, we were shocked. The whole table was filled with worksheets, paper, files,and even under the table there was few boxes there, all filled with things. and the cupboard was also filled with things. Then, we started to caryy things down. Bryan and i was carrying a average size box, but somehow, don know what is inside and is like mr woo playing tricks on us.Like inside all filled with stones sia, so heavy...but no choice, we still have to carry it down. After we came up, we saw Ms Ray(geography teacher)only have 1 helper and bryan and i are kind souls, we decided to 'betray' mr woo and helped her. We first carry down a box, which is lighter then the mr woo one but the bottom is not taped, we bring it down. So easy sia, easy job. In 5 minutes, we are already back at the staff room. This time, we carried down the drawer and bryan carried down the worksheet. Again,we came back and and i carry the coke down. for the last time, we stick all the picture to one paper and put bring it down. then i realise that it is 2pm! OMG, lucky edison they all come to herlp us and then i go change into NPCC uniform. we were late and then we even skip lunch...so sad...after that we walked to nan hua high for the talk on crime prevtion...6 then we walk back and then i went home very hungry and start to eat when went home...after that i used com and went to sleep...Zzz

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the last few time that i was online and never post..so sorry XD..but nvm let me talk about the npcc yesterday......
Yesterday the trainning was like hell sia!!!!!!!! the officers force us to bring the full set uniform...then we like going camping, bring a lot of things.... at the start, we were given 20 minutes to change into our full set of uniform....then all of them go into one toliet...then ashley lau and me went to the canteen toliet to change...after a while when we are changing,kok tong and chan mayae came into the same toliet as us..the toliet although small, but we only have 4 people in inside...still ok ...then chan mayae and kok tong because no space then close the main door and then change there...after that , we all change finish and then we went up one by one(not together)....we went to fall in at the ampitheatre, there, the nco assk us to check to attire for each other...after that they gave us 6 minutes to change into the correct attire by adjusting...we then have a 10 minutes break and went to the circle of success to fall in...instead we went down to the netball court and the nco halp us check our attire....i the pro, of course have the correct attire..but the rest very difficult to say....MUHAHAHAHAHA after that we went to have break again then we went back there to practice our drills.....after about a few minutes, we were given 10 minutes to change back to pt kit to do physical trainning.....this is the funny part...i was walking then saw hui ling talking to ashley lau then ask him to hurry up as we havee not mch time liao...then the same thing ...kok tong and chan mayae came again...but this time ashley lau never change first, so he stay outside and wait for his turn...when he was waiting, he keep opening the door..hehe ...kok tong cannot change in peace at that time...after that the ashley lau tell the cleaner that nobody in the toilet and can lock the door...then the cleaner open the door and saw kok tong changing...hahaha...after that , chan mayae and i went up to the class and put our uniform there and we went to have break(again)....then we want to find ashley lau and kok tong then went back to the canteen toliet...we then saw the cleaner washing and chan mayae thought that ashley lau and kok tong flooded...we went back then saw kok tong and learnt that ashley lau went to the another block the toliet....then eddy, kok tond ,chan mayae and me started laughing.....we then went to the netball field and do pt.......we first did neck rotation then hand rotation..then we sit down and did leg stretching...we then did sit ups and push up ...tirring sia....we then spilt into 2 gropus and run around the whole school while singing...after that we were dismiss and i went home....went home so tirring that almmost sleep but luckily the tv programme let me stay awake.....my mother then..don know why, let me play the com from 9 to 11...then i went to sleep after a day...ZzzZzzZzzZzz...
Now for the next part, is li jun and edison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so sweet sia they all....nvm better not say anything more else...if not later edison blackmail me then i die....ENJOY BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pathethic fools....go be friend with 'he'.....was so angry sia...and i am not going to say who is the 'he'...'he' just suck ....anyhow bully people one...then like think the whole world he biggest like that..my leg dust arh....he just suck...anyway today not very nice...was back in chinese tuition before i was using com...then is was like that time i was so sleepy..then write very slow...at the end have to rush then miss out a lot of points...sucks..then the bryan also sucks...anyhow say that who and who couple...then the mr woo lucky meet the parent session only just hint me only..never tell my parents....sigh....all his fault that cause me to be like that ,....so worried about monday what will he do...i hope that he will just forget about everyhting...hahax ...hope so

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Monday, August 10, 2009

hiie everyone..... today felt suddenly feel that i am very fortunate after hearing the news...yesterday when we are happily celebrating singapore 44th birthday, tai wan people is suffering-typoon. Buildings collaspe and people lost their home. In the worse scenrio, familys were broken up and students have no more money for education. There was one family, whose hotel had collapase too, bringing their years effort into waste in a few seconds. After looking at the news on this section, i felt that being so safe in singapore, we are able to help those in need. NOW, everyone, this is the perfect chance for you to help the people in tai wan. they really need us now!!!!!!PLEASE DONATE SOME MONEY TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EVEN A LITTLE COULD ADD UP TO A BIG SUM!!

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

hello people!!!!this few days damn relax sia....yesterday no npcc today no chinese tuition...tomorrow also no tuition...very nice...lalalala...but nothing to post ...except for edison and li jun..just now he told me that yesterday they went to watch movie..then keep holding hands..what kind of logic is this.....i also don know..anyway you can help me by posting in your blog or telling other people. BYE

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

hey everyone! guess where i post this post from...in british council!it just happen that i finish my english tuition and eating my lunch ...and dominic go up for class....haha lame rite.. anyway i gtg bb

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